we care

We are a Company of caring people.
We care how Ukrainians are treated. We care how people with severe medical problems are treated. We care, even if you just have a runny nose.

At biopharma, we comply with European standards of medicine production. We do that as we feel responsible for each and every patient who takes our drugs. Therefore, we monitor the quality of the products we make. We do care!

our values


We are open to communication with those who take our products, to dialogue with employees and to innovation. You can visit us and go on a tour where we show the production and tell you how we develop medical drugs.


Every day we do everything so that people are healthy, and patients with severe illnesses continue to live, no matter what. We believe in what we do. Each employee improves the company every single day.


We are constantly improving: we are introducing innovations in technological processes to make preparations better, and we help employees to grow professionally.


We are building partnerships with investors, suppliers and government agencies. We take care of our employees. We are responsible for the quality of drugs, all of them comply with European GMP standards.


We are experts in our field. Our goal is to carry out all the tasks efficiently and on time, therefore we annually increase volumes to ensure we can help as many people as possible.